This project is in beta mode and under heavy development.  Not all
features described in the documentation are implemented.  The features
described in the documentation are in the process of being implemented.
Many of the modules, interfaces, and functions may change considerably
before the first release.


The rhea package is a collection of HDL cores written in myhdl. The rhea package is more than just a collection of cores it is also a framework for creating complex digital circuits. The rhea package includes a complete test suite.

The rhea package is divided into the following subpackages:

  • rhea: The top-level namespace contains a small number of components (thin layer) use to build the subblocks (cores)
  • system: The system subpackage contains the interface classes and other useful tools to assist in the building of complex digital designs.
  • models: This subpackage contains various models used for development and verification
  • cores: The cores subpackage contains the HDL implementation of the digital hardware cores.
  • build: This subpackage automates various tool-flows (compilation). The automation mainly supports FPGA vendor tool-flows. The build.boards is a collection of board definitions. The build automation is used by selecting a board and automating the build for the board.
  • vendor*: The vendor subpackage is an encapsulation of device primitives.

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